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November 21, 2007
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Mr. Dark’s Mayhem

Mr. Dark’s Mayhem-B


Fan Art of Bloodrayne 

Here she is, the Ruthless but sexy Ferril. She is just another one of my favorite female characters from the Bloodrayne 2 game. As seen in this drawing, she appears from out of the shadows, preparing to make her evening kills.

For the record, since I have been playing my Bloodrayne 2 game on my PS2, I've been deeply entranced by her pale whitish eyes.

This is only fan art in respect and courtesy for the original artists and creators.

Jody Anthony “Mr. Dark” Thompson

Mr. Dark’s Mayhem

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These rules are very strict. There as absolutely “NO” downloading, usage of my artwork for layouts, blogs, websites, other internet banners of any kind, design posters, CDs, or books without my permission. Do not use without my permission.
So please respect and abide by the copyright policy.

Thank you,

Jody Anthony “Mr. Dark” Thompson

Owner, founder, horror author, dark artist, and administrator of Mr. Dark’s Mayhem

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bladedge24 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011
i know her. she has cool tattoos
MrDarksMayhem-B Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
They're not really tattos. If you check out the game BloodRayne II, you'll notice the Ferril is a hybrid creature that is half vampire and some otherdemon.
bladedge24 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011
i all ready know. i own the game. she is half shadow demon and to kill her you need i sould not say. i dont like to spoil things. but i did not know they was not tattos. i thought they was a magic type kind.
ImpvsRevanant Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009
i dont know why she had to die, shes fucking hot, it turned me on when she got mad
MrDarksMayhem-C Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2007  Professional Artist
One of my favorite babes from my BloodRayne 2 video game.
robokop Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2007
Ferril was cool - nice work. :)
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